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Sodexo Card Activate Activate Sodexo Card online @ Sodexo Card Activation Online allows the customers to complete the Sodexo Card Activation Task instantly. So, if you want to complete the Sodexo Card Activation Task, then, you need to check this post. This post is detailing How to Activate Sodexo Card Online or by any other activation method.

This post is detailing How to Activate Sodexo Card Online or by any other activation method. Here on this page, all easy possible ways of Comdata Card Activation process are available for Activate Sodexo Card and Sodexo Card verification by which BMO cardholders can activate their cards easily.

Here, we tried our best to help out in Sodexo Card activation online or through the phone services. Also, check tips and hacks to verify your card and access your Sodexo Card easily. Here you can also check requirements, steps, terms, and conditions to Activate Sodexo Card, Sodexo Card Activation at


Sodexo stands for French food services and facilities management ltd. Sodexo offers Sodexo Meal Pass Card facility in order to offer flexibility to their customers. What’s more, restaurant vouchers, meal passes, mobility passes, book cards, leisure passes, and training vouchers. All these card services are now available at Sodexo.

Sodexo Card Activate

However, If you had recently received the Sodexo Card, then Sodexo Card Activation will be the primary thing that you need to do before accessing the Sodexo Card. So, check here how to complete Sodexo Card Activation Online at One can also go for how to complete the Sodexo Card Activation Phone Number

So, check this post about Sodexo Card Activation process online and Sodexo Card Activation Phone Number process to access the credit card.

Why to Activate Sodexo Card – Sodexo Card Activation Online

Sodexo offers their customers to use their card services facility to get easiness and flexibility in the payment options. Using a Sodexo Meal Card service allows the customers to find a verity of options in payment which provide more convenience to the customers.

Sodexo Meal Card service allows their customers to get exciting prizes, cashback schemes, discounts, bonus, etc. However, you need to Activate Sodexo Meal Pass in order to access this card. So, check out the following guideline and steps to complete your Sodexo Card Activation Procedure. You just need to share your personal identification Information and card details.

Ways to Activate Sodexo Card

So, if you want to complete the Sodexo Card Activation Task. then, Following are the different ways to activate your Sodexo Card. Check them…

  • Sodexo Card Activation Online at
  • Sodexo Card Activation Phone Number 9225660070
Activate Sodexo Card

onlineActivate Sodexo Card online at

Activate Sodexo Card over the phone

Call 9225660070 and Activate Sodexo Card by telephone services.

So, let us check how to do it…

How To Activate Sodexo Meal Pass Card Online

  1. Visit the official activation site at
  2. Now, provide Registered Email Address or Mobile Number, 12 digit Reference Number, and enter Captcha Image and then press “Get Activation Code”.
  3. Then you will find Activation Code on your Email Address or phone.
  4. Share this Activation Code and complete the activation task successfully.
  5. Congrats!! You will be notified by the bank that Your Sodexo Card will be Activated in very short time…

Immediately contact the Bank, if your Sodexo Card doesn’t get activated by following the above mentioned procedure.

It may possible that while activating your credit card in this way, you may face some common issue such as timeout issue, connection error, server problem etc. Then, you can easily Activate Sodexo Card by #second activation method.

How To Activate Sodexo Card Using Phone Number 9225660070

This process is easier than Online method. To Activate Sodexo Meal Pass Card, you need to have your registered mobile number with you. You need to send SMS for activating the Sodexo Card.

So, if you have your registered mobile number with you then, Follow the following steps to activate the card by SMS successfully.

  1. Get your registered mobile number in your hand.
  2. After that, Type SMS as per the following format. CARD <space> ACT <space> 12-digit Card Reference Number Last 4 digits of your Card Number on your registered mobile number.
  3. Now, Send this SMS from your registered Mobile Number to 9225660070.
  4. Your steps for activation Sodexo Card is finished here.
  5. Congrats!! You will be notified by the bank that Your Sodexo Card will be Activated in very short time…

Immediately contact the Bank, if your Sodexo Card doesn’t get activated by following the above mentioned procedure.

So, this is what I had shared here “How to Activation Sodexo Card?”

Sodexo Card Activation will make your lifestyle easier as it offers a variety of options in the payments with the Sodexo. You can convert your lifestyle in more comfortable by using the Sodexo Card.

So, If you had recently received the Sodexo Card, then please complete your Sodexo Card Activation Procedure by a suitable activation method.

However, kindly inform us, if you want to discuss more it through commenting us. You can also ask us more about Sodexo Card Activation @ and Sodexo Card Activation Phone Number.

Thank You!!

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